Since retiring from a career in IT at the end of 2016, my wife Yvonne and I have been traveling as much as we can stand. I love to write about it. We intend to enjoy every minute of the time we have, wherever we go and whatever we’re doing. And you can enjoy it with us, just by reading my blog!

When I write, I try to share my experience of being in a place rather than just what it looked like and what we did. I hope that you feel like you’re there with us if you can’t go yourself, and that you come away with a better sense of what’s possible if you do go.

Aside from this blog, here are other places I’ve been published:

My essay, “Moroccan and a Half,” appears in a beautiful on-line publication called Hidden Compass.

I’ve done a number of pieces forĀ Journey Beyond Travel, a fantastic Morocco tour company which also has a fantastic blog, ranked the #1 Morocco blog by FeedSpot! The link will take you to a list of my articles.

“Sunday,” a poem I wrote back in 1992 about the death of my first wife, has been featured by the wonderful writing-and-arts oriented travel organizers Deep Travel Workshops.

“Sunday” and two other poems of mine can be found on pages 238-241 of “Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making” by the very talented poet and poetry therapist John Fox. You can order it from your local bookstore or find it on Amazon.

“Sunday” is also in a book I published in 1994, an anthology of previously unpublished poetry and artwork by dozens of people who lost people they loved, called “Voices of the Grieving Heart.” It’s out of print but you can still buy it used on Amazon.

Unless otherwise credited, the photos on this blog were all taken by Yvonne (most of them) or by me. If you’re interested in using one, please contact me.